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Soap Longevity Tips!

Awhile back, I unearthed a plain, white ceramic soap dish from the back of a cabinet, filled it with stones and soap pieces, then set it next to my kitchen sink for post-cooking wash-up. I've been genuinely surprised at the many inquiries about it since.Many people find natural soap care a mystery. The little display I put together - born of a repurposed dish, decorative stones, plus natural soap pieces - was a clever, if unconscious solution: the stones provided both aesthetics and drainage if you are mindful of surface area (more on that, below).Since then, I've observed how many of my customer friends didn't quite know how to store their Aroma Art soap for maximum display and longevity. This post, then, is an educational outreach. Friends, let's first acknowledge that natural, hand-crafted soap - especially Aroma Art - is an...

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Near Miss

Familiar with that famous story about the Indian Elder who shares wisdom with the youngster about the nature of doubt? Paraphrasing, but basically this: Wise elder: “You have two wolves fighting in your mind at all times: the wolf of encouragement and the wolf of doubt.” Naive Youth: “”but grandfather, which will triumph?” Wise Elder: “The one you feed.”   Me and doubt: we’re well acquainted. We have us some junk food in that space.   Late July, 2016:Bleary-eyed, I looked over the entry notification from 2016 Denver County Fair. Deadline: four days away. We had just moved back into our home after months of hotel living, waiting for our gutted kitchen to be repaired from a water line leak. Yay for good homeowner insurance, but...

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