Murmuration: Sea Salt Soap
Murmuration: Sea Salt Soap
Murmuration: Sea Salt Soap
Murmuration: Sea Salt Soap
Murmuration: Sea Salt Soap

Murmuration: Sea Salt Soap

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A murmuration describes the erratic, swooping, beautifully spontaneous choreography of starlings as they change flight patterns in large, airborne groups. How? They're unconsciously influenced by the companions closest to them.

Murmuration also describes the dappled patterns on the face of Murmuration Soap: gloriously fragrant, vegan, palm-free sea salt-detailed bars.  

The sea salt surface design provides a robust scrub (great for heels!) the first time you shower with it, dissolving smoothly into the soap soon after. Not a scrub fan? Order the "subtle" salt bar option or a different side of the bar until the salt crystals dissolve down.

This Murmuration version is formulated specifically for the cooler, dry season: loaded with skin supportive organic Shea butter, almond, olive and other emollient oils. The floral/mint essential oil blend envelops your shower in lavender/spearmint happiness. Indigo-infused olive oil provides the natural, plant-based color (see how it looks before/after adding the lye - wow!). Some bars had salt added to the top surface (Rustic), some to the bottom (Subtle) - same formulation, slightly different look. 

But...back to murmurations! The website Wonderopolis says:

"Scientists believe murmurations are similar to other systems that are...ready to be completely transformed in an instant...each starling in a murmuration is connected to every other starling." 

Kind of like how we're all connected to each other. Be mindful of where your flock is taking you: if we can positively influence where the community - or even a nation - is heading, Lets👏do👏THAT👏

#ponderthat #deepthoughts

Ingredients: This vegan, palm-free soap is made with glee, plus Indigo-infused olive oil, coconut, organic Shea butter, high oleic sunflower, almond + rice bran oils.  Distilled water, lye, powdered sugar, and sodium lactate. Pure essential oils of lavender + spearmint. Detailed with amethyst mica oil + sea salt: black lava + sea salt tinted with stormy blue cosmetic mica.

Full bar net weight: 
Rustic: 4.25 oz./120 g.
Smooth: 4.5 oz./ 128 g.

Soap Care: To extend longevity, keep your Aroma Art bar in a well-draining soap dish away from shower spray. Better yet, use an ecologically-friendly soap lift or soap net to more completely dry your bar between uses. 

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