Alkanet / Indigo Reign Soap
Alkanet / Indigo Reign Soap
Alkanet / Indigo Reign Soap
Alkanet / Indigo Reign Soap

Alkanet / Indigo Reign Soap

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As we all try to #stayhealthy and #socialdistance, our collective carbon footprint is shrinking, resulting in purer air + water across the globe.  What happens after the pandemic passes - will our former habits evolve to a cleaner, new normal? Will nature finally reign again (or at least, a more environmental consciousness)?

In the spirit of returning to more natural colors, I've upped my game with with plant-based hues and offer these two mini-drop swirl designs - the elegant Indigo Reign (blue with white background) or the passionate Alkanet Reign. 

Indigo Reign
achieves it's light blue color from infusing lye water with Indigo, then straining before combining with the soap's base oils. CPOP-ing the finished soap in a preheated oven overnight yields a beautiful, subtle natural blue.

Alkanet Reign's deep magenta hue results from infusing the olive oil base oil with Alkanet powder, then CPOP-ing: natural colors come out more vibrantly this way. Again, more time intensive than simply adding plant powder to raw soap, but note the smooth, speckle-free color.

I used a touch a cosmetic mica for the turquoise and deep red highlights (along with titanium white + activated charcoal) for the design detailing. Achieving the signature drop-swirl design is a whole other layer of complexity for another time.

Both soaps use invigorating tea tree essential oil, coupled with calming lavender and other pure essential oils in cleansing, yet pleasing blends to keep you "quaren-clean"
(but only if you #washyourdamnhands).

Ingredients (Vegan):
Made with Glee, plus olive, coconut, sustainable palm oils and avocado oils, plus Shea butter. Distilled water and sodium hydroxide. Indigo: Pure essential oils of eucalyptus globulus, lavender, tea tree and star anise. Alkanet: Pure essential oils of lavender, tea tree and Rosewood. With natural plant colored base soap (Indigo or Alkanet) + cosmetic mica, titanium white, and activated charcoal for design detailing.

Full bar net weight:
Indigo: 3.5+ oz/99+ g. 
Alkanet: 3.75+ oz./106+ g.

Soap Care:
To extend longevity, keep your
Aroma Art bar in a well-draining soap dish away from shower spray. Better yet, use an ecologically-friendly soap lift or soap net to more completely dry your bar between uses. 

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