Beach Walk
Beach Walk
Beach Walk

Beach Walk

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NEW DESIGN for 2019/20 (though the same formulation and scent that you love)!

Retreat to your happy place? This stunning soap, Beachwalk, can help: the subtle blue base and colorful embeds bring to mind shell gathering during a breezy, summer stroll. Note the side splash of regal violet, soft green, cobalt +  stormy blue mica, accented with activated charcoal lines - reminiscent of undulating waves.

But what’s really special about this bar? The nurturing base oils, specifically selected to support your skin while combating seasonal dryness: emollient castor and babasu oils, plus organic Shea butter, known for it’s creamy feel and skin nourishing/healing properties.

Curiously, the pure essential oil combination of lavender, cajeput (related to melaleuca), and clove are faintly reminiscent of cinnamon. Go figure.

Fun fact:
The top details of this bar are made entirely of soap (and a few sugar pearls). Whoa!

Full bar net weight: 4.25 oz./120

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The base soap is palm-free and vegan (though trace amounts of additional oils might be present in the soap curls and shells).

Made with glee, plus coconut, olive, babasu & organic Shea butter, almond, castor oil and ROE (Rosemary Oleoresin, a natural antioxidant). Distilled water, sodium hydroxide, pure essential oils of lavender, clove, and cajeput. With activated charcoal, ultramarine blue, iron oxide, mica and titanium white. Detailing includes soap curls, soap shells, mica sheen, and sugar pearls

Product Care:
To extend longevity, keep your soap in a well-draining soap dish away from shower spray. Better yet, use an ecologically-friendly soap lift to more completely dry your bar between uses. 


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