Feed Your Head Soap
Feed Your Head Soap
Feed Your Head Soap
Feed Your Head Soap

Feed Your Head Soap

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"...remember what the dormouse said, 'Feed Your Head. Feed Your Head.'"
 - Grace Slick (White Rabbit)

A recent soap challenge inspired me to glean greater insight into the classic literary tale, Alice in Wonderland. I turned to Grace Slick's 1967 masterwork, White Rabbit. While the song contains psychedelic references of the era, Grace herself stated that the major theme was to always stay curious and open-minded. Hence the line, Feed Your Head. Keep learning.

And WHAT a year we've had for learning! Personally, I've delved into: pandemic info, BLM, White privilege, political strategy/policy, the filibuster, the For the People's Act, how to fact check, why pronouns matter, etc., plus more than a half dozen cool new soaping techniques. 

My head feels almost over-fed, (Peter) maxed-out, like this cosmic, groovy vegan soap featuring neon stripes/swirls and a refreshing, eucalyptus/mint scent for energizing clarity. A touch of mod in the shower during decidedly surreal times.

Feed Your Head Soap: A homage to classic literature, classic rock and an entreaty to stay informed during these curiouser and curiouser times.


Ingredients: Made with glee, plus vegan base oils including: coconut, sustainable palm, high oleic sunflower, rice bran, olive + castor oils. Distilled water, lye, powdered sugar, and sodium lactate. Pure essential oils of eucalyptus + spearmint, colored with cosmetic micas, titanium dioxide + black oxide.

Full bar net weight: approximately 3.5+ oz./104+ g.

Soap Care: 
To extend longevity, keep your Aroma Art bar in a well-draining soap dish away from shower spray. Better yet, use an ecologically-friendly soap lift or soap net to more completely dry your bar between uses. 

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