Forest Bathing Soap
Forest Bathing Soap
Forest Bathing Soap
Forest Bathing Soap

Forest Bathing Soap

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Sponsor's Choice Award,
12/2019 Soap Challenge Club

I'd been fascinated by our Rocky Mountain¬†Aspen bark markings - especially the "eyes" - and had pondered how to create this as a soap concept. The best way to see the eyes was as a more graphically rendered close up, but is it too abstract? Then there was the challenge of the name - anything with "Aspen Eyes" or "Trees Observe" or "Nature Watches" just kinda sounded...creepy. ūüė≥

"Forest Bathing" felt more fitting: this name refers to the Japanese concept of taking time to get out into nature for the purpose of immersing yourself in its calming, regenerative beauty - no literal "bathing" involved (though in the case of this soap,¬†#punintended¬†ūüėĀ). Jokes aside,¬†I've been on a forest bathing hike¬†through our local Parks department- it's a powerful experience and highly recommended.

The soap making process had to be done in stages:
First, I drew a design in soap on the bottom of a 5 lb slab mold. Allowed it to set, then added 2 lbs of white soap on top. Set overnight, took out soap and sliced into "Aspen trees". Cut each in half to add into mold in two layers into a smaller slab mold - I used a blue base (Colorado sky) to anchor the pieces in. As the soap wears down you'll come across more trees as though you're hiking through a forest - get it? Except you're probably showering, but, hey, we're creating a MOOD here, right?!?

Thanks to¬†Andee @mmtnsage¬†(Majestic Mountain Sage) for recognizing my design¬†‚̧ with a Sponsor's Choice award.

Ingredients (Vegan, Palm-free):
This soap was made with glee plus a combination of olive, sweet almond, coconut, babasu, rice bran + castor oils. With distilled water, lye, pure essential oils of lavender, sage & rosemary. cosmetic mica, activated charcoal and titanium white

Full bar net weight: 6.0 oz./170 g.
(NOTE: Because of the design, this is a far larger bar than usual - I'd recommend carefully cutting in half to use, but hey - your choice.)

Product Care: 
To extend longevity, keep your Aroma Art bar in a well-draining soap dish away from shower spray. Or use an ecologically-friendly soap lift to more completely dry your bar between uses.

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