Forest Bathing Soap
Forest Bathing Soap
Forest Bathing Soap
Forest Bathing Soap

Forest Bathing Soap

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"Forest Bathing" refers to the Japanese concept of taking time to get out into nature for the purpose of immersing yourself in its calming, regenerative beauty - no literal "bathing" involved (though in the case of this soap,¬†#punintended¬†ūüėĀ). Jokes aside,¬†I've been on a forest bathing hike¬†through our local Parks department- it's a powerful experience and highly recommended.

Back in December of 2019, I received an International Soap Challenge Club Sponsor's Choice Award for a version of this design (shown w/award badge).
I'd been fascinated by our Rocky Mountain Aspen bark markings - especially the "eyes". My 2019 attempt was graphically fun, but I'd always wanted to redesign this soap to feature the trees more three dimensionally, plus include the colorful fall leaves.

This 2023¬†version¬†was a three-step process: rolling tree trunks out of "soap dough", immersing them in a soap canvass base,¬†then topping with a dustpan pour* of vibrant color for the abstract leaves.¬†Here's a recap¬†on this¬†Instagram post ūüė≥

I like the more delicate interpretation of this latest version. What do you think?

*(modeled after the acrylic painting technique)

Ingredients (Vegan):
This soap was made with glee plus a combination coconut, high oleic sunflower, avocado, sustainable palm and castor oils. With distilled water, lye, sodium lactate pure essential oils of lavender, sage. rosemary, peppermint and birch. Cosmetic-grade mica, and titanium white

Full bar net weight: 4.25 oz./123 g.

Product Care: 
To extend longevity, keep your Aroma Art bar in a well-draining soap dish away from shower spray. Or use an ecologically-friendly soap lift to more completely dry your bar between uses.

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