Spill the Tea Soap
Spill the Tea Soap
Spill the Tea Soap
Spill the Tea Soap

Spill the Tea Soap

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We're almost there. By mid-summer - maybe sooner - the vaccination roll-out should cover the country. We'll be able to see dear friends and family in person again(!). We'll get together and finally get down to some serious "Spill the Tea" (gossip!) time.

SPILL the Tea Soap is scented with bergamot, the featured flavoring in Earl Grey Tea, with middle-notes of clarifying rosemary and a citrusy base of litsea cubeba. Mmmm, what a way to start the day! Honestly, this is one of my new favorite scent combos in a breathtakingly dramatic bar. This soap - the look, the scent, the intensity - just makes me so...happy.

Each neon-hued soap is unique, not just on the surface, but with each design revealed as you work your way through the the four layers.  Yep - these are multi-layered soaps - just check out that side bar image.

The intense, saturated color of these bars required more than the usual amount of colorant, resulting in electrically vibrant soap. Heads' up: certain of the darker hues may produce colored bubbles when wet. If so, no worries - this non-staining*, colorful lather is much like that from bubble bath liquids and bath bombs, and rinses right off the skin. 

(Don't like colored bubbles but love neons? Check out Feed Your Head Soap.)


*(My testers have had no issues with washcloth staining, but if you're nervous about your bath linens, please spot check before using.)

Ingredients: Made with glee, plus vegan base oils including: coconut, sustainable palm, high oleic sunflower, rice bran, olive + castor oils. Distilled water, lye, powdered sugar, and sodium lactate. Pure essential oils of bergamot, rosemary + litsea, colored w/cosmetic micas, titanium white + black oxide.

Full bar net weight: approximately 3.5+ oz./104+ g.

Soap Care: 
To extend longevity, keep your Aroma Art bar in a well-draining soap dish away from shower spray. Better yet, use an ecologically-friendly soap lift or soap net to more completely dry your bar between uses. 

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