Want to learn how to make soap? I teach both CP (Cold Process) and Glycerin/MP (Melt + Pour) classes.

For a list of my public classes, click here. When you're ready to sign up for any offered through my studio, scroll down this page.

Hosting a bridal or baby shower, kids party, or girls' night where you're looking for a fun, yet practical activity? Woo, HOO - I also offer private party Glycerin/MP classes - click here for deets.

What's the difference between CP and Glycerin/MP soap?

CP Soap Classes: great for those who want to learn traditional soap-making from scratch, using hand-picked, natural materials, from base oils and scents to colorants.

The only soap on my site is CP: as you can see, it has lots of artistic possibility once you learn the basics and get a number of batches under your belt, though there is chemistry involved to get those effects. 

Because CP soap production requires using lye, these classes are not recommended for youth under 15 years old. 

Glycerin/MP (Melt-and-Pour) Soap classes: great for those of any age who want to learn artistic soap making techniques but prefer the instant gratification of a melt-an-pour base (plus avoid handling lye).

I teach a variety of adult, youth, and adult/child MP classes.

The adult classes are a great way to creatively bond with friends - perfect for bridal/baby showers, girls' night out, or even something different for the book club. Youth classes are a great activity for special occasions such as birthday parties, holiday gatherings, or reunions. 

My adult/child MP classes are a lovely way to do a project with your child that is artistic, usable within a few hours, and does not require handling lye. We also have great fun with presentation, packaging our creations for the perfect gift!

Here's a short clip from a recent Adult/Child Glycerin Soap class we did through BVSD Lifelong Learning (above) 

Excellent video work done by Gabrielle Egger (

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