Want to learn how to make soap? I teach classes in both CP (Cold Process) and Glycerin/MP (Melt + Pour) techniques. What's the difference?

CP Soap Classes: great for those who want to learn traditional soap-making from scratch, using hand-picked natural materials, from base oils and scents to colorants.

I the only soap on my site is CP: as you can see, it has a lot of artistic possibility once you learn the basics and get a few batches under your belt. 

Because CP soap production requires using lye, these classes are generally not recommended for youth under 15 years old. 

Glycerin/MP (Melt-and-Pour) Soap classes: great for those of any age who want to learn techniques to make artistic soap but would prefer the instant gratification of a melt-an-pour base.

I teach both Adult MP classes and classes with kids. My parent/child MP classes are a lovely way to do a project with your child that is artistic, is usable within a few hours, and does not require handling lye.