Aroma Art + Soap Gear Gift Set
Aroma Art + Soap Gear Gift Set
Aroma Art + Soap Gear Gift Set
Aroma Art + Soap Gear Gift Set

Aroma Art + Soap Gear Gift Set

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This set ticks all the boxes: Fragrant, luxe, skin-supportive, yet practical with Eco-friendly elements!

Imagine the delight of your gift recipient opening these hand-crafted Aroma Art treats, gleefully packaged in a compostable, eco-friendly box. A beautifully scented artisan soap bar is coupled with skin-saving, organic Shea butter + beeswax-based solid lotion.
 The soap lift not only allows the soap to dry more efficiently, but is made in the USA from Bio-corn instead of plastic (as so many knock-offs on the interwebs are).

Eco-friendly packaging is composed of recycled corrugated cardboard, with your products nestled in recycled shred and topped with a glue-free lid. Why? The adhesives used on the corners of typical all-plastic window boxes are toxic. Glue-free is good. All tied together (literally) with planet-friendly, two-toned gift twine. 

Choose from the following Artisan Soaps* (click each for more info): BADASS QUEEN, SUNSET of the PATRIARCHY, TRAVER-tini, or IndiGOAT SWIRLS.

Your selected gift set includes a tin of AFFIRMATIVE Solid Lotion plus a Soap Lift that best fits the scent and color scheme of the products, because, while we are Earth-friendly around here, we aren't savages.

*(Have a different soap/lotion in mind? Contact me here and we'll put together the combo you'd prefer.)





Gift Set Net Weight: 1.25 lbs./556 g.

Gift Set Dimensions: 8" x 6.5" x 2"

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