Aroma Art + Gear Gift Set
Aroma Art + Gear Gift Set
Aroma Art + Gear Gift Set
Aroma Art + Gear Gift Set

Aroma Art + Gear Gift Set

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The Aroma Art + Gear Gift Set: Self-Care in a Box

Someone you know need a lift? Perspective? Inspiration? A snort-laugh? I got you covered...

Introducing the updated Aroma Art + Gear Gift Set: self-care in a box. Remove the lid to unleash the heady aroma of pure essential oils - no synthetic scents, no petroleum-based oils, no harsh chemical preservatives. Your happy recipient will delight in their own piece of personal, practical art - an Aroma Art Soap of your choice -  paired with an AFFIRMATIVE! Solid Lotion Tin, plus an eco-friendly Soap Lift to drain and store their soap properly. No muss, no fuss, POOF, DONE!

These exquisitely hand-crafted body care products are hand-packaged with glee in a craft-style box, nestled in cheerful fill that matches your product selection. Finished off with decorative twine that literally, ties it all together.


Choose from these varieties - click on product links for ingredients.
(NOTE: to show soap detailing, many are shown without lid/outer packaging, but finished gift will resemble BADASS QUEEN box set):

*BADASS QUEEN soap with  BREATHE DAMMIT solid lotion

Incorrigible Flora soap with  BREATHE DAMMIT solid lotion

BLUE Wave soap with MINTal FOCUS  solid lotion

Lace UP soap with  BREATHE DAMMIT solid lotion

Net Weight: 10.25 oz./290 g.

 *2016 Blue Ribbon Award-Winner, Denver County Fair

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