Aroma Art Heart + Mini-Curls
Aroma Art Heart + Mini-Curls
Aroma Art Heart + Mini-Curls
Aroma Art Heart + Mini-Curls

Aroma Art Heart + Mini-Curls

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These Aroma Art Heart + Mini-Curls sets are beautiful as well as practical - those curls that the heart soap is packed in? Not just for show. They're single-use soap that can be displayed in a sweet little saucer* next to the powder room sink for both elegance and cleanliness. Visitors simply lather up with one of the curls, then dispose of any leftover soap from their wash. Ingeniously stylish and useful during this time of heightened hygiene.

The naturally-colored, vegan Lemongrass Cedarwood (CP) Heart Soap has a refreshing, lemongrass/cedarwood scent, detailed with abstract, all-natural, plant-based colors of activated charcoal + madder root powder. Designs vary - I'll select the best one available at the time of order for your gift recipient.

The sea-salt topped, subtly-scented, palm-free Mint Sea Salt CP Heart Soap is  made with traditional oils, is detailed with black amethyst, moss green + stormy blue cosmetic micas in a uniquely topographic design. This soap's base is naturally colored with burdock- + nettle-infused olive oils..

The Mini-Curl mix may include: essential-oil scented or unscented, plant-based colors, cosmetic mica colors, sugar- or soap-embed detailing, plus possibly small amounts of goat milk, honey, plant or traditional oils.

Packaged in a white & gold polka-dotted window gift box with tag + turquoise cord with bow.
Perfect for hostess or housewarming occasions, for your favorite Mom, or simply for the person on your list who appreciates useful luxury with an eye for a stylish accent in the powder room, bath, or on a kitchen counter. 

Gift Box size:
3.75" X 3.75" X 2.25"
Total Soap weight: 4.25+ oz. /113+ g.

*(Saucers not included - shown for display suggestion, only)

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