CALMfidence Soap
CALMfidence Soap
CALMfidence Soap
CALMfidence Soap
CALMfidence Soap

CALMfidence Soap

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I won't lie - much as I strive to keep my energy up, these #groundhogdays on pandemic-repeat can feel exhausting. I need a mental lifeline - maybe you do, too - as we muddle through the morass of Life. Right. Now. We yearn to calm our worried psyches, plus have confidence that this ship will eventually be righted: our health, economy, and ability to safely hug loved ones, restored.

We need to start the day with CALMfidence.

We need the energizing boost of an essential oil combination (spearmint + star anise) that is stirring + strong, providing a bit of "mintal" clarity during trying times. Available as either a palm-hugging cube or more traditional-sized flat bar, the mesmerizing play of subtle swirls is a design delight, a reminder that life still holds beauty in the everyday. Allowing a bit of CALMfidence in your morning shower just might set a more positive tone for the day.


Now - time to fix the broken political/media system misleading our country, promoting division and cruelty. We're stronger united. 

Lather up - the real work begins.

Ingredients: (Vegan and Palm-free)
Made with glee and olive oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, and organic Shea butter. distilled water, sodium hydroxide, sugar and sodium lactate. Thoughtfully combined with pure essential oils of spearmint + star anise. Colored with an artfully swirled combination of brewed coffee, plant-based activated charcoal + mineral-based titanium white and cosmetic-grade apple moss mica.

Every bar is individually hand finished + packaged, featuring striking, clam shell design variations - I'll select the loveliest one available at the time of your order.

Full bar weight:
cube: 3.25 oz./92 g.
flat bar: 4.25 oz./118 g

Due to the nature of handcrafting, the size, color and shape may vary.

Product Care: To extend longevity, keep your soap in a well-draining soap dish away from shower spray. Better yet, use an ecologically-friendly soap lift or soap net to more completely dry your bar between uses. 

This is a natural product made without chemical preservatives or synthetic fragrances, so for maximum enjoyment, use your soap within a year.

Why Courageous Soap products?
Unlike commercial “bars,” this soap is made with natural ingredients and contains:
– NO synthetic fragrances,
– NO harsh chemical preservatives or petroleum-based oils
– NO animal products (Vegan)
– NO palm oil (Yay, rainforest + orangutans!)

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