Cloudy with a Chance of Mai Tais Soap
Cloudy with a Chance of Mai Tais Soap

Cloudy with a Chance of Mai Tais Soap

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As I post this, it's April in Colorado, but between bouts of sunny spring weather, it's been overcast, icy, and snowing a couple inches every week or so from February through now. Ugh. I'm SO over shoveling. The mountains can have the snow (though ironically, this year ski resorts all closed early:  #dammitCOVID19) 😒❄ 

But, back in February, pre-#socialdistancing, friend Magda arrived for a collaborator challenge with ideas for soap making with a color palette + subtle citrusy scents reminiscent of tropical beverages: spirits LIFTED. 🌴 I had oils and lye water ready to go - Magda learned how to combine them, plus measured out all scents and colors. She envisioned a sunset look, including white "clouds" to punch up the color a bit. Good Job! 👏👏👏

Now waiting for the local Tiki Bar to reopen. Fortunately, there's this happy, subtly citrus soap to lift spirits in the meantime. 😉

#washyourdamnhands  #soapycitrusgetaway

Ingredients (Vegan):
Made with glee, plus saponified coconut, sustainable organic palm, rice bran, olive, avocado and castor oils. Distilled water and lye. Pure essential oils of Lemon 5X, Litsea and pink grapefruit. With cosmetic micas and titanium white powders.

Full bar net weight: 3.75 oz./99 g.

Product Care

To extend longevity, keep your soap in a well-draining soap dish away from shower spray. Better yet, use an ecologically-friendly soap lift or soap net to more completely dry your bar between uses.

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