Common Threads Soap
Common Threads Soap
Common Threads Soap

Common Threads Soap

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I created this soap right around the time Post Master General Louise DeJoy¬†went and tried to dismantle USPS.* ūüė≥¬†WHAT? When 41 states¬†were increasing their¬†#votebymail¬†options for safety during this pandemic? And my Indie business depends more than EVER on a well-functioning¬†#USPS¬†(as do rural Americans)?

Yep - I was doing a little RAGE-soaping, here.

A¬†friend suggested the name "Common Threads" - far better than the angst-y moniker I had in mind.¬†This is REALLY what we want, right? A reminder that we've more in common than not, that we CAN pull together to right this ship aka: our government and make our country ūüí™ together.

(Rant paused for soap deets):
The design features two main techniques (layered color w/mini-drop swirls) plus an added "suspended droplet" element. Base oils are a palm-free, vegan mix, of olive, sweet almond + coconut oils and Shea butter. With distilled water, lye, sugar + sodium lactate, scented with a clarity-encouraging rosemary/mint + relaxing lavender essential oil blend (and don't we all need a bit of clear-headed calm right about now?). Colored with cosmetic micas, titanium white + activated charcoal.


*(Fact: USPS is one of the few government agencies that has a bi-partisan, 91% approval rating)

Full bar net weight: 4 oz/199 g. 

Soap Care:
To extend longevity, keep your 
Aroma Art bar in a well-draining soap dish away from shower spray. Better yet, use an ecologically-friendly soap lift or soap net to more completely dry your bar between uses.