Deluxe Aroma Art Soap, Curls + Gear Gift Set
Deluxe Aroma Art Soap, Curls + Gear Gift Set

Deluxe Aroma Art Soap, Curls + Gear Gift Set

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Someone you know need a lift? Perspective? Inspiration? A snort-laugh? I got you covered. 

Introducing the updated Deluxe Aroma Art Soap, Curls + Gear Gift Set: self-care in an exquisite, premium quality gift box.  

Undo the iridescent ribbon, lift the golden lid off the cheerful polka-dotted base: unleash a feast for the senses. No synthetic scents, petroleum-based oils or harsh chemical preservatives - only pure, essential oil-scented joy. 

Your happy recipient will delight in their own piece of personal, practical art - a BADASS QUEEN soap (vegan/palm-free) paired with a BREATHE DAMMIT solid lotion (also vegan/palm-free), plus eco-friendly Soap Lift to drain and store their soap properly. A collection of single-use, Fancy Soap Curls adds a splash of sink-side color. No muss, no fuss, POOF, DONE!

(NOTE: This set can feature other soap/lotion varieties from my collection. Prefer a different combination of productsContact Me here, and we'll get you set-up.)

These exquisitely hand-crafted body care products and gear are hand-packaged with glee in a (reusable), premium, presentation-style box, nestled in cheerful fill that matches your product selection. 

If ever there was a time for artisan soap gifts (including emollient solid lotion to support skin through all that hand washing), This. Is. It.
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Net Weight Set: 1.25 lbs./496 g.

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