Fancy Soap Curls!

Fancy Soap Curls!

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Say buh-bye to that sad soap in the powder room: hardly used, faded, fused to an ill-draining dish.

Say HELLO to single use Fancy Soap Curls, a cheerful and elegant solution to powder room guest soap. Display by the sink in a shallow dish (or an antique tea cup, as shown) for a pop of color - your guests simply pick a curl, wet hands, lather and rinse. Dispose of leftover curl when done. Easy peasy.

Clever and stylish, plus more ecologically virtuous than pump soap. A happily hygienic option when visitors need to #washtheirdamnhands. 

(Makes great stocking stuffers, too!)

Soap Curl packs are approximately 1.25 oz/30 g

(Display cup not included)