Gustav's Dream
Gustav's Dream

Gustav's Dream

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Breaking new ground, today? 

Gustav Klimt: artist and freedom seeker, painter of The Kiss, president of the Vienna Secession movement. Inspired by intellectual rebelliousness, dreams and sexuality, Gustuv took risks and raised eyebrows. His vision: to free artists to define their own creative identities apart from the confines/strict guidelines of the Vienna salon art scene. His "gold period" was influenced by Byzantine art. He painted wearing a caftan. What a trailblazer!

Gustav's Dream: a stunningly surreal soap available in two versions: a delicate drop swirl design (bar) or as a shimmeringly detailed, flame-kissed heart. Tinted with plant and mineral-based colors, this soap balances cleansing and moisturizing. Plus: a base of local, organic, raw cow's milk for extra moisturizing skin support.

A dose of morning "moo"-jo to blaze your trail of choice. 

(See the story of the design here)

Ingredients: Olive, sweet almond, coconut and sustainable palm oils, Shea butter, raw organic milk, distilled water, and sodium hydroxide. Scented with pure essential oils of grapefruit, star anise, and litsea. Hues derived from turmeric, activated charcoal, titanium dioxide and heart bars detailed with gold shimmer cosmetic mica.

Full bar net weight: (bar) 3.5 oz./101 g., (heart) 2.25 oz/67 g

Product Care: To extend longevity, allow bar to dry between uses, away from shower spray (Soap Nets and Soap Lifts are highly recommended for thorough draining). 

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