IndiGOAT Curls
IndiGOAT Curls
IndiGOAT Curls

IndiGOAT Curls

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This striking bar is more than a just pretty face – sure, it’s made with raw goat milk (brimming with super skin supportive vitamins, minerals, and natural alpha-hydroxy acids) as well as generously moisturizing base oils. But friends, we gotta acknowledge this playful design.

Indi-goat curls CURLS 

The soap curls + longer pieces are shaved from other bars produced for this purpose, set in the mold to form a full-sized, paper quilling-styled pattern, then filled in with pale cream and light blue soap. The ingenious name is credited to clever friend Heather McGarey. Photo above gives a peek into my time-intensive, creative process. (I know, right?)

Everything about this bar = FUN, because...goats.

Product Description:

back of Indi-goat Curls

Ingredients: Raw goat’s milk combined with saponified oils of olive, coconut, avocado, babasu, castors, rice bran, high oleic sunflower oils, and organic shea butter. Heavenly scented with essential oils (EO’s) of lavender, with a touch of grapefruit, spearmint + rose geranium. Rosemary oleoresin (ROE) added as a natural anti-oxidant. Colored with Indigo powder, activated charcoal with cosmetic micas.

Full bar weight: approximately 4.25 oz/120 g

Every bar is individually hand crafted, poured and cut

Due to the nature of handcrafting, the size, color, design, and shape may vary.

Product Care:

To extend longevity, keep your soap in a well-drained soap dish away from shower spray. This is a natural product made without chemical preservatives or synthetic fragrances, so best enjoyed within 6 months to a year for maximum color and scent.

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