Balanced Nature Soap
Balanced Nature Soap

Balanced Nature Soap

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I like a popping cosmetic color/interesting fragrance oil as much as the next soap artist, but there's a lot of possibilities with an "au natural" palette beyond "rustic". The trick is to find the right balance between ingredients and design.

Balanced Nature Soap has a classic, three-oil vegan base that perfectly threads the needle between cleansing and moisturizing properties, coupled with plant-based madder root, dried lemongrass (for both tint/light scrub) and activated charcoal powder. Look at how natural color can be both subtle and pushed to bold heights!

The pure citrusy/woodsy essential oil scent appeals to all sexes. Plus a distinctive, layered design with dried lemongrass detailing for texture and interest.

Natural. Not "boring".

Because we don't do the "B" word, here.

Ingredients (Vegan):
Made with glee plus: coconut, olive, sustainable palm oils. Distilled water, sodium hydroxide (lye). With plant-based madder root, activated charcoal. Lemongrass/Cedarwood blend EO

Full bar net weight:
Lemongrass Cedarwood:  4.25 oz./120 g.

Product Care
To extend longevity, keep your Aroma Art bar in a well-draining soap dish away from shower spray. Or use an ecologically-friendly soap lift  or soap net to more completely dry your bar between uses. 

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