Passing Storm Soap
Passing Storm Soap
Passing Storm Soap
Passing Storm Soap

Passing Storm Soap

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Passing Storm:
Drama Left Behind Soap

Awhile back I fell in love with The Kiss Pour - a technique that produced unpredictable, pensive, feathery designs. It's a match to the restless pattern of my mood these days - while the worst of the pandemic has passed, we're still feeling the unpredictability of social/political winds.

But there reaches a point where we must turn our attention elsewhere to keep from being emotionally buffeted - perhaps to a tour of this dramatic soap: 

This small-batch, vegan, palm-free base oil combo is full of skin supportive, emollient Shea butter, olive, almond, castor and other moisturizing oils - kind to our planet and your skin. The subtle, infused olive oil colors (walnut- and burdock-infused) are set off with plant-based cocoa and activated charcoal powders, titanium white, and color-popping highlights of moss + purple cosmetic mica.

Curious about how I got those feathery swirls? Check out this blog post.

Buh Bye, emotional drama - time to wash our spirit clean of your outsized influence ❤

Be good to yourself.


Ingredients: (Vegan + Palm-Free) 
Made with glee, plus olive, coconut, rice bran, almond and castor oils with organic Shea butter and soybean wax. Distilled water, lye, powdered sugar, and sodium lactate. Scented with an earthy/floral blend of anise, fir needle, palma rosa w/a touch of patchouli pure essential oils. Colored with walnut- and burdock-infused olive oil base, w/cocoa powder, activated charcoal, titanium white, accented with moss + purple cosmetic mica. Rosemary Oleoresin (natural antioxidant) added

Full bar net weight:
Approximately 4.25 oz/120 g

Soap Care:
To extend longevity, keep your 
Aroma Art bar in a well-draining soap dish away from shower spray. Better yet, use an ecologically-friendly soap lift or soap net to more completely dry your bar between uses. 

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