Prototypes: 4-Pack Full Bar Sets

Prototypes: 4-Pack Full Bar Sets

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MAKERS "MAKE"...and often RE-make original designs several times to find just the right base formulation/scent/texture and/or color combos before launching a new product. Sometimes bars are cut less uniformly to accommodate embedded designs.

As a result, I have some really small batches + slim-cut bars that aren't numerous enough to justify wrapping/labels/web page-development time, but are still awesome (I save them for personal use or gifts).

Lucky YOU: I've done a ton of experimenting these past few months and have assembled a few 4-pack sets of these prototype/sample bar sets at a smoking deal/price per bar.

Your mix will include some combo of: a premium oil moisturizing floral blend, beer soap (made with Pussy Riot Stout) or chardonnay soap (Party in a Bar!), 3-oil lemongrass cedar bar, a prototype of my latest blue ribbon award-winner (Walls and Bridges), a vibrantly colored, unscented bar, a slim cut, fancy premium oil variety, sea salt/honey bars, and/or others not shown here. Mostly vegan, some traditional oils.

Looking for Mini-Prototypes (for travel, guest soaps, or favors)? Click here!

Total Bar Weight: 15+ oz (minimum)
(Note that bars are sold as an unwrapped, mixed set)

Ingredients: vary by bar - contact me for specifics

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