#ShePersisted (Nevertheless)
#ShePersisted (Nevertheless)
#ShePersisted (Nevertheless)

#ShePersisted (Nevertheless)

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Shower off indignities, forge ahead

In honor of women who keep on, keeping on. Start the day undaunted, flames ahead be damned! Walk through confidently, courageously. Greet dusk in triumph - wash off the psychic accumulation of the day or the sweat from the march, with poise and elegance. Launder the pink hat.

Celebrate This: A percentage of sales from #ShePersisted is donated to Planned Parenthood to support women's health. #CarryOnWarrior


Both versions: Made with glee plus coconut, olive, sustainable organic palm, sweet almond and avocado oils, skin-supporting Shea butter, distilled water and sodium hydroxide.

Flame: (Vegan): Scented with a heavenly combination of pure lavender, sweet orange 5x and patchouli oils. With plant powders of activated charcoal, safflower, and madder root, mica, titanium white and iron oxide. Snowflake detailing liberally sprinkled throughout (get it?). ;)

Confetti: Soap chip detailing may include additional base oils of sunflower, castor and lard. Scented with a heady blend of lemongrass, patchouli, litsea, bay and black pepper essential oils. With safflower powder plus trace amounts of titanium white, ultramarine, mica, activated charcoal, iron oxide, indigo, honey + additional essential oils.

Full bar net weight: 4.5 oz./127 g. 

Product Care:
To extend longevity, allow bar to dry between uses, away from shower spray (Soap Nets and Soap Lifts are highly recommended for thorough draining). 

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