Soap Treat + Lift!
Soap Treat + Lift!
Soap Treat + Lift!

Soap Treat + Lift!

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A beautifully designed, Aroma Art Heart paired with a soap saving, circular soap lift. Each cheery, colorful, vegan bar + lift is packaged in an elegant, gold-lidded box with decorative red sides + matching bowed cord, nestled in festive gold tissue + shred. Perfect for sending a little reminder that, yes, loved one, you ARE treasured. A message many need while still navigating this side of pandemic life.

A small gesture that spreads a bit of happiness at a great price - wrapped and ready to go to a pal who needs a lift.

Just say the word.





Soap Weight: 
Heart Soaps: Approximately 2.5 oz/70 g

Soap Lift diameter: 3.5" (circular)

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