Solid Lotion: Clove Orange Warmth

Solid Lotion: Clove Orange Warmth

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Lotion that travels with you, whether through the great outdoors or winding through airport lines. Solid lotion combines a synergistic balance of specific oils that encourage healing while providing a long-lasting softness to skin. Made with 1/3 organic Shea butter and 1/3 beeswax, the last 1/3 is comprised of a unique combination of absorbent and emollient oils specific to the bar.

The Skinny:
– A balance of natural oils plus beeswax help skin repair and retain moisture
– Awaken your senses with the 100% essential oils used in each lotion
– Tins keeps lotion ready-to-use and lint-free in a backpack, gym bag, purse, toiletries bag, etc. No exploding liquids!
– Great for outdoors sports that are rough on the skin
– A little goes a long way!

This lotion includes a combination of paprika-infused apricot kernel oil (for natural color and absorbability), sesame seed oil (considered a warming oil in Ayurveda practice), plus sweet orange and clove pure essential oils for a cheerful and energizing scent.

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Product Description:

Using solid lotion:
Scrape off a small amount of lotion with the back of a fingernail and place the lotion on the back of your opposite hand. Massage the lotion into your skin, starting with your cuticles/fingertips and working down hands, arms and so on. After thoroughly massaging in, allow a few minutes to fully absorb so you can go back to your keyboard with soft, great smelling, moisturized (not greasy!) hands. Easy peasy, amigo!

Also perfect for dried skin areas such as elbows, knees, and heels.

Noteworthy Ingredients:
All of Courageous Soap's Solid Lotions have a high proportion of virgin, organic Shea butter and beeswax. Beeswax is a natural emollient and humectant, soothing the skin. Virgin, organic Shea butter, an all-natural vitamin A cream, is known as a superb moisturizer with exceptional skin healing properties.


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