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A soap for navigating crossroads

Ah - a clear road ahead with easy decisions, a logical progression from point A to B. No second-guessing, just clear, laser-focused sailing, straight to our dreams.

If only.

Would it help to start the day with a heavenly-scented, lavender citrus soap who's design permeates the entire bar? Perfect for softening one's journey and skin. With luscious organic Shea butter, castor and other emollient oils, you'll feel pampered no matter what dirt kicks up.

Lavender is reputed to help calm both moods and skin inflammations. Grapefruit and litsea's essential oils' antioxidant properties clean and refresh by cleansing off sunscreen and other excess oils that plague us, especially during warmer months.

Sure, seeing only one step ahead makes for a twisted route, but those circuitous turns create our bigger life. Start fresh, be bold, smell nice along the way...


Made with glee, plus distilled water, olive, coconut, palm, avocado, castor oils, organic  Shea butter, sodium hydroxide & lavender, grapefruit, litsea essential oils. Activated charcoal, safflower, madder root, indigo, titanium white.

Full bar weight: approximately 4 oz.

Every bar is individually made and packaged in artisan paper.
Due to the nature of handcrafting, the size, color and shape may vary.

Product Care:
To extend longevity, allow bar to dry between uses, away from shower spray (Soap Nets and Soap Lifts are highly recommended for thorough draining). 

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