Awards, Accolades and Never Feeling Ready

I’m truly delighted when unexpectedly good things fall into my lap. I’m also aware of how easy it is to talk myself out of steppin’ up with the mantra, “Maybe I’ll do that down the road…I’m not ready yet.”

Three months into my soap making adventure and on a whim, I entered Serene Teen into the Soaps and Lotions category at the 2013 Denver County Fair. The soap you see now was not what I entered then - in it’s first incarnation, Serene Teen smelled fabulous but its look…eh. I’ll be charitable and say it was “still evolving.” This was before I fully grasped that botanicals mixed in raw soap turned the color of compost, resulting in a flecked, gray coloring that screamed “not ready.” I nearly chickened out – who enters a contest after a mere three months of soap making? 

And yet…second place ribbon.

In a related note, but under the category of “dubious achievement awards”:

 "my ugly soap"

 My "Ugly Soap"

Months later I entered an affectionately named “Ugly Soap” in a Botched Batch Soap Contest through Again, not happy with how this 100% coconut oil lemongrass basil soap turned out, but one must maintain a sense of humor when trying new things. Own it all, baby!

Interestingly, here’s what happened…

I recently heard a quote from business coach Marie Forleo: “Start before you’re ready. Your actions pull you forward.”

To which I would add “…in ways you wouldn’t necessarily expect.”

Have you been pleasantly surprised by “putting yourself out there” before you felt ready? What happened? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

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