Upcoming Soap Making Classes

Due to revised COVID restrictions, BVSD is currently not allowing in-person classes through the end of September on their school properties, hence the upcoming (outside, in-person) Sept 26th Beginner Traditional Soap Class will be reschedule for fall 2021. 

Apologies for any inconvenience - just trying to keep everyone safe through this exhausting period. (In the meantime, consider voting in an administration that will respond like grown-ups to a pandemic.)

If you're a soap maker with a few batches under your belt and want to learn more about recipe formulation, consider the virtual class I'm offering in November (below):

NEW: VIRTUAL Formulating
Cold Process Soap Recipes 
Masked soaper!

(Register through BVSD Lifelong Learning - link to come)* 

Date: Saturday, November 7th, 2020
Time: 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Category: Craft and Creation
Class: #19955
Class cost: $30.00
Materials Fee: $25.00
Congratulations - you've successfully produced a few batches of hand-crafted soap, and now you're ready to formulate your own recipes! But where to start? 
In this VIRTUAL (online) class, we'll not only go in-depth into using an online soap calculator (and review what all those terms like "lauric", "myristic", "stearic", etc. actually mean), but also dig into how base oil choices, temperatures, colorants, and scents will affect your final designs. As time permits, we'll answer questions such as: Why soap at higher temps vs. lower ones? What is CPOP? What about scent blends? Come with your questions and be ready to formulate (we will screen share to help each other with calculations). You'll end class with detailed notes and a recipe of your design to try out in time for holiday giving!

This class is intended for those who know the basics of cold process soap making and have made a few soap batches. Note that we don't physically make soap in this class (see the September 26, 2020* Beginning Soap-Making: Traditional Cold-Process class to do that) but rather, come up with more advanced recipes that build off of the beginner class.
This will be an online Zoom class and as such requires both a computer (plus the basic knowledge on how to use it), and a reliable internet connection. You'll receive an invitation to join via a clickable Zoom link a few days before class.

*Rescheduled for Fall, 2021 {sigh}