Upcoming Soap Making Classes

Feeling crafty? Curious about how to make traditional soap? Made soap before but want to up your soap game? Or just want a fun project to do with loved ones?

If you're local to the Boulder County/Denver region of Colorado, I have you covered with some in-person classes through BVSD LifeLong Learning:

Beginning Soap Making: 
Traditional Cold-Process (CP) 

 Class soap: Coffee!

teaching soap class

Two different dates in February, 2023: 

February 4th, 10:30 AM - 1 PM (Saturday)
@ Manhattan Middle School, East Boulder
February 22nd, 6:30 - 9:00 PM 
(Wednesday night
@ Platt Middle School, East Boulder
Class Cost: $45.00/PP + Materials Fee 
Register here for #23722 (2/4/23 Saturday class)

Register here for #23693 (2/22/23 Wednesday class)

Ready to shake off the Winter BLAHs, wake up and smell the COFFEE (soap)? 

Thoughtfully crafting your own soap with a few simple, skin supportive ingredients is both a creative and eco-savvy alternative to commercial “soaps” (actually detergents) that can wreak havoc on both the environment and your system. As an experienced, award-winning soap artisan, Lisa will show you how to elevate beginner soap design into something special.

In this hands-on workshop, you'll learn the basics of making classic, hand-poured, cold-process soap. We'll review safety tips, create a beginners' supply list, and get creative with customization techniques. You'll leave inspired with detailed notes, simple recipes, a resource list, handcrafted soap, and (quite possible) a happy obsession with a new creative pursuit. :)

This class is for adults (16+ years) - not recommended for younger children. 
You're welcome to do this class with an older teen, but please note that the fee is per participant.

Want a soap class for a younger child? Check out our Parent/Child Glycerin Soap Class on My 6th (below)!

Cancellation/COVID policies:
Please don't come to class if you feel unwell. 

Cancellation and Covid policies are listed on the Lifelong Leaning registration page. Please check updated policies at registration as the pandemic situation continues to be fluid.

Recipe Formulation, Additives + Troubleshooting in Cold Process (CP) Soap

Plant-infused Soap oils
Date: Saturday, April 15th, 2023
Time: 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Location: Manhattan Middle School, East Boulder
Class cost: $45.00 (+ materials fee)
Register Here for Class #23724

So, you've made a few batches of soap and are now ready to dig into creating your own soap recipes, plus you're curious about how ingredients impact your design options. 

Bring your laptop and follow along as we walk through the finer points of using lye, fragrance oil, and essential oil calculators. You'll get a fuller picture of how fatty acids work in your designs, as well as how various oils, lye discounting, additives and scents impact set-up time, color clarity, and bar feel. We'll review methods of working with natural color, plus pros + cons of plant-based vs synthetic color.

In this class we'll also cover common pitfalls (False trace! Elusive emulsion! Volcano soap! to name a few). Bring soap fails and/or questions - we'll see if we can diagnose the situation. 

NOTE: This is a formulation class for those who have a basic knowledge of soap making/have made a few Cold Process Soap batches OR have taken my Beginner CP Soap Making Class

We don't make soap in this class, rather, this course is designed to increase your knowledge base/ask questions of an award-winning soap artisan. You'll leave class with copious notes, practice how to create soap recipes with lye and fragrance calculators, guidelines for using plant-based or synthetic color and additives, plus your own original recipes to try. 


Mother's Day Adult/Child 
Glycerin (Melt-And-Pour) Soap Making 

Adult/Child Glycerin Soap making

Date: Saturday, May 6th, 2023 (10:30 AM to 12:30 PM)
Class cost: $80.00 (+ materials fee) per parent/child pair
Location: Manhattan School of the Arts (indoor class), East Boulder
Register Here for class #23723

Need a special project to share with your kiddo before Mother's Day? Join us May 6th at Manhattan Middle School for a Glycerin Soap Class through BVDS's Lifelong Learning.

You and your child will learn to create gorgeous designs with melt-and-pour (MP) glycerin soap. MP is an excellent choice for a beginner soap making project - with no lye to handle and no cure time involved, each participant will leave class with finished, gem-like, sparkly soap ready for use. Choose between making full-sized or creating adorable "minis" - perfect for guests, favors, or friend gifts!

MP soap

We'll use cosmetic micas with a clear base for maximum sparkle, plus creative flourishes (soap embeds: gummy bears, hearts, curls, mermaid tails, and more!), to create unique works of soap art. You'll leave with finished, packaged, gorgeous little soaps and wonderful memories of making them together! 

MP soap

Cancellation/COVID policies:
Please don't come to class if you feel unwell. 

Cancellation and COVID policies are listed on the BVSD LifeLong Learning registration page. Please check updated policies at registration as the pandemic situation continues to be fluid.