Someone needs a smile

Rocky times/Soap that Rocks

Got you covered, here

Calm balm

AFFIRMATIVE! Solid Lotions

They're baaaaack...!

Loved ones need a Lift?

Aroma Art Gift Sets!

Yes, Please!

WOW, friends - you're the best!

Thanks so much for supporting my Indie, artisan business through a crazy 2020. Because you chose to shop small, I'd SOLD OUT of pretty much everything by mid-December. 

February, happily, finds more products on the site, but keep checking back - I'll be steadily restocking* your favorites, as well as new soap/lotion treats to get us through the longggg winter. For Valentine's Day, yes, but also to send cheer to friends/loved ones who could use a little lift as we climb out of health-necessitated restrictions and back to life. 

Simple gestures mean so much more when people feel isolated.

Sign-up for my (generally infrequent) email updates for sneak peeks, class info, subscriber-only specials and surprise treats. Plus you'll get 10% off your first order, so there's that. Check the banner for info.

Thanks again for supporting my small business during one of the most emotionally exhausting periods in recent memory. We're heading into better times - #YASSS2021.

Now, go #washyourdamnhands.
Stay well.
I love you.

Lisa G.

*(Due to some chain issues + soap's standard 4 - 6 week cure time, not everything will be on the site at once. Keep checking back: you'll find  updates through my IG (@couageus_soap), FB page (Courageous Soap) and, of course, my infrequent news letter, which also offers "subscriber only" goodies. Peace out. Stay sane.)

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