How to support an Indie Business

Want to further support Indie businesses like mine over soulless, corporate overlords? Here's some (free) ways that really help: 

- Recommend my shop to friends: "Third party endorsements" are a huge driver of sales for small businesses
- Leave a positive review on a product page: customers love to see reviews before purchasing. BTW, if you have an issue with a product, please lmk before leaving a review and let me make it right. Small businesses especially want to make customers happy.
- Follow/comment on my Social Media (IG @courageous_soap), FB page (Courageous Soap)) is enormously helpful - algorithms are much kinder to posts that have engagement. Plus you'll get a peek behind the scenes. And you may win some soap as I often run product-naming contests!

These small, kind gestures mean a lot.

Thanks, friend!