About Lisa

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” – Pablo Picasso

“My soap does that, too!” – Lisa M. Gillespie

Lisa with 10 lbs of soap

I’d never envisioned a soap empire. I wandered into this artsy, natural soap odyssey as a spin-off of my 101 New Experiences in 1001 Days challenge, itself a distraction from a mid-life crossroads.

Much as I love healthy products, I viewed soap more as an artistic medium than bath accouterments. But demand grew - decisions were required. I felt scared. Any worthwhile endeavor requires wading through the discomfort of learning unfamiliar skills + exploring the darker pockets of one's inner life. Oh, joy.

Truthfully? I wanted to quit every part of my business that wasn’t actual soap design.
Courageous Soap required far more courage than I possessed. Or so I thought. Maybe you can relate - perhaps there's some part of life where you need to step up, too? And you just don't think you can? Stop that thought - you got this. Really.

And here we are - THANK YOU. What an awesome feeling to know that something I’ve made with glee touches another. You. Are. My. hero.

I fervently hope that my products light a fire in you - let's all Start Fresh every day.

Lisa M. Gillespie 
Founder, Head Potions Master
Courageous Soap
May 2, 2017