Beer Soap Reflections

My experiments with beer soap continue.

Here's take 2:
Used @Goldspotbrewing microbrewer's "Pussy Riot" stout: made by all-female brewers in response to the election of our 45th POTUS. And not in celebration, if you get my drift...


The base of the soap is its own natural caramel color and I. LOVE. IT. With the lighter topping (added titanium white), the combo reminds me of the cameo necklace my grandmother left me. She had received it as a gift from Grandpop when they were dating, after he (and, gradually, the rest of his family), arrived in the US as immigrants from Italy.

Their politics had always been "party of Lincoln-conservative" - how would they regard our current GOP's stance regarding "chain immigration"? Would I even be here?

- L.

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