Choices Matter: Packaging

Sustainable packaging
Hey Friends! Let's talk about Earth Day (4/22/21) and sustainability choices.

Here are a couple of my updated gift boxes: we'll discuss products another time but for now, let's dive into the packaging.

Corrugated packaging
I recently discovered these corrugated boxes by Sunshine Valley. Their Kraft E flute boxes contain 32% recycled content, their manufacturing plant in Randolph, NJ recycles 20 tons of corrugated scrap and paper per month, and their lid corners are glue free.

Two big deals about the glue-free thing: first, the chemical glues used to seal lid corners are toxic.

shipping boxes

Second, having unglued lids allows them to be shipped in bundles, rather than as rigid tops that take up more space when being transported to me. My order of gift boxes + lids was shipped in a box 1/3 smaller than an order of half that size sent by my former* supplier. That's a smaller carbon footprint for shipping.


*(A side note about that former supplier, one of the largest shipping giants in North America: the owners had supported both our former president, as well as his pandemic outlook, denying safe pandemic working conditions for their warehouse employees. They also, unsurprisingly, contracted COVID in November. And donated millions to the Tea Party Patriots that helped organize the capital insurrection on January 6th.

And the corners of their clear box lids are glued. So, you know, they're no friend of the earth. Or Democracy, considering that insurrection thing.)

But back to my gift sets: The fill is almost entirely recycled shred (with a few colored bits for pop) from Nashville Wraps. The twine is non-synthetic. The soap wrapping is compostable. Your gift recipient could choose to reuse or repurpose elements of this packaging (best choices) or simply recycle the corrugated base (sorry, I don't think you can recycle the shred - gums up the machines in recycling facilities).

I'm trying to consider the impact of my business. Because, friends, whatever we get rid of never actually "goes away." Let's have as gentle an impact as possible. Our choices matter.

Peace out.

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