New Experiences You Can Do Right Now (or soon)

101 New Experiences Book

Need a kickstart for a new experience idea? Here's two that you can do in the comfort of your own home and another you can join me for if you're local:

1) Learn to Whistle Through Your Fingers (right here) - tutorial by
or this one by Art of Manliness

NOTE: These tutorial claim that you can learn this skill in less than a minute. It will likely take longer. But - like so many dreams - is still worth pursuing. Persistent practice pays off! You'll thank me one day when you gain mastery! (People standing right beside you may not).


2) NETFLIX origami (right here) - tutorial by NETFLIX Origami

Still get NETFLIX DVDs and Blue Ray discs in those little red envelopes?Repurpose that discarded paper flap!  

(Die-hard streamer with no Netflix paper flaps? There's always regular origami - YouTube tutorials abound! Or get really ambitious and try this elephant by Origami Art School.) 

3) Local to the Boulder, CO area? Learn to make soap with me. My current classes are listed here. FYI - Soap making can be addictive.
This is not my fault.


(If you tried one of these, or have more suggestions for fellow 101 New Experience challengers, leave them in the comments below...)

- L.

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