(Re)United Soap
(Re)United Soap
(Re)United Soap
(Re)United Soap

(Re)United Soap

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Political Junkie Collection

Can't we all just get along?

(Re)United  Soap, a striking bar rooted in inclusive Patriotism, expresses my vision for reunification as we approach the November 2024 election: not only different political factions, but families torn apart by targeted misinformation/disruption of society by bad actors.  Honestly - when it comes to basic values, we tend toward more in common than not.

The abstract base soap design combines red, white and blue (with a bit of black for pop) with a top, hand-dipped layer  of soap highlighted with gold and red mica detailing. With a floral/mint/citrusy scent, this beautiful bar helps us feel good on so many levels.

Maybe you're ready to reengage with someone who really does mean a lot to you? Perhaps a soap peace offering could help?

(Sending you strength and love, friend.)

Ingredients: (Plant-based oils) Made with glee, plus coconut, sustainable palm, olive, avocado, high oleic sunflower, castor oils + shea butter. Distilled water + sodium lactate.  Scented with lavender 40/42, bergamot, and spearmint essential oils + blueberry thyme frangrance.

Full bar net weight: 3.5 oz/97 g. 

Soap Care:
To extend longevity, keep your 
Aroma Art bar in a well-draining soap dish away from shower spray. Better yet, use an ecologically-friendly soap lift  to more completely dry your bar between uses. 

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