Soap Lifts
Soap Lifts
Soap Lifts
Soap Lifts

Soap Lifts

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Tired of soap buildup or - ugh - soap sticking to the bottom of your soap dish? 

Natural soap has an abundance of moisturizing oils - great for skin but messy if improperly drained between uses. The Soap Lift adds a drainage layer between your bar and your soap dish, allowing more airflow and helping your artistic soap last longer.

The Soap Lift:

  • Allows soap to dry completely between uses
  • Helps with soap longevity/less waste
  • Can be trimmed to soap dish size
  • Keeps soap in place
  • Cleans easily by thoroughly rinsing
  • Made in USA
  • Made from eco-friendly Bio Plastic (corn)
  • Available in eleven colors

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