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Soap Net

Soap Net

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Save your soap with this ingenious product!

Unlike mass-produced, drying, commercial "bars", natural soap has an abundance of moisturizing oils - great for skin but messy if improperly drained between uses. A Soap Net solves this dilemma by allowing air flow around the bar between uses. Perfect for at home, gym, and outdoor (van life/camping) use!

Made from a recyclable, non-absorbent polymer, the pouch holds your bar and creates an instant lather (without chemical lathering agents) while providing gentle exfoliation without scratching your skin.

The Soap Net provides:

  • A light, non-abrasive scrub
  • A rich, perfect lather
  • A convenient wrist/wall strap
  • Hanging ease to prevent soap dish buildup
  • Easy to clean, reusable soap storage
  • Fast drying for gym + outdoor use
  • A perfect container for any bar soaps up to 5 oz.
  • An end to soap waste - as bar wears down, simply add new soap to the net
  • Made in the USA

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