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Cheeky affirming names awaken Your Spirit 
100% pure essential oils awaken Your Senses

BREATHE DAMMIT Lavender Calendula Solid LotionBREATHE DAMMIT: Lavender Calendula Solid Lotion
Don't you hate well-meaning people telling you to "Breathe" when you're having a meltdown? Me too. But still good advice. Dammit
What's special: olive oil infused with calendula (a skin-loving herb), colored with a touch of mica, all combined with the calming, floral scent of pure Bulgarian lavender essential oil.

DEFY (Small Minds): Lemongrass Cedar Solid LotionDEFY Small Minds Lemongrass Cedar Solid Lotion
They can't see your vision - ignore their doubt. Stay aligned. Conquer that next cliff face, figuratively (+ literally, if that's your thing).
A favorite with workmen/women, gardeners, athletes - especially rock climbers (cliff faces! I guess?). 
What's special: emollient sweet almond + avocado base oils, scented with a positive mood-mix of pure lemongrass + cedarwood essential oils. 

MINTal FOCUS Rosemary Mint Solid LotionMINTAL FOCUS: Rosemary Mint Solid Lotion 
Get. Brain. In. Gear.
This may help. That's all I have to say.
What's special: absorbent grapeseed + skin-pampering castor oils, colored with a touch of mica, all combined with the mentally energizing essential oil combo of rosemary, peppermint + spearmint.

WAIT - there's MORE:
Besides the specialty oils, ALL Courageous Soap’s Solid Lotions have a high proportion of virgin, organic Shea butter and beeswax. Beeswax, a natural humectant, helps lock-in skin's own moisture. Virgin, organic Shea butter, a natural vitamin A cream, is superbly emollient with exceptional skin pampering properties.

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