Want to help Save Democracy?

Thanks for checking this out, Citizen! Glad that you want to get involved.

Part of Courageous Soap's core mission is to be Pro-Democracy. That's why I donate a percentage of my profits of select product categories to organizations like Planned Parenthood (protects access to Women's Health) or Rock the Vote (registers young voters).

Want to help more? I'm a core team member and Marketing Director for the Blue Wave Postcard Movement, a women-led, volunteer, non-profit dedicated to getting out the vote of L-leaning, low-propensity voters through swing-state targeted postcards. In fact, this past summer we hit the incredible milestone of distributing 5 MILLION postcards! Go the the website and sign up for updates to see when we release our latest campaigns. Check us out on IG @bluewavepostcards. See if you can pick out my posts ;)

Another great organization is Vote Save America, which has a refreshingly saucy tone but also excellent, up-to-date information re: which elections across the country are worth paying extra attention to.

VSA is part of Crooked Media, an online news organization made up of progressive members of President Obama's team. They are funny and informative and have very insightful analysis on American and world politics, supreme court decisions, and more based on their years of working in DC. 

If you want a really hopeful tone, check out Michael Moore's excellent podcast series, Blue Dots in a Red Sea. Twelve episodes, twelve minutes each. A real energy game-changer. Still panicked? See Michael's meditation Self Help for Frightened Liberals - you're welcome.

There are many other worthy organizations too numerous to name here. See what's available at your local level, too.

Clearly we ALL have to do something beyond voting in EVERY election (you're already are doing that, right?). Send postcards to low-propensity voters to urge them to get to the polls. Support a local candidate by volunteering for their campaign. Defend teachers and librarians. Run for something. Donate where you can. So. Many. Options.

Love you like Democracy, friends.