Aroma Art LOVE + Sea Sponge Gift Set
Aroma Art LOVE + Sea Sponge Gift Set

Aroma Art LOVE + Sea Sponge Gift Set

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Aroma Art LOVE + Sea Sponge Gift Set: Variety and Elegance

A gorgeous set for your discerning friend or loved one who could use a lift and thrives on variety with a luxe, yet sensitive scrub experience. Packaging is Eco-friendly, made from recycled corrugated cardboard, and featuring a glue-free lid (the adhesives used on the corners of typical all-plastic window boxes are toxic - yuck. Glue-free is good.)

The gift set includes three cheeky heart-shaped Aroma Art soaps that fit nicely in the palm: Choose from Heart Set 1, a delightful mix of (Re)United, Oh, BeeHIVE! and CowBOSS Boots Beer soaps. Heart Set 2 includes an equally fragrant mix of BADASS QUEEN, (Re)United, and Visible Mending soaps

Each collection of soap is paired with a natural Dead Sea Sponge: A kinder, gentler scrub than it’s feisty vegetable cousin, the loofah, and far better than a plastic scrub - the perfect accompaniment to Artisan soap and yet another Eco-friendly addition to the set! 

All boxed up with a gossamer ribbon to complete the presentation.

Set Weight: 17.25 oz./489 g. (Total soap weight: 9 oz+)

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