Essential Work Soap

Essential Work Soap

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We may not all be deemed "essential", but most of us do some kind of essential work: art, gardening, cooking, carpentry, mechanical repair and so on. Since we're at home more, long delayed projects are getting attention. If it's done by hand, there's likely cleanup involved - this abundantly lathering, striking soap could help. 

That lovely brown color in the bar comes from brewed coffee (reputed to assist in cutting through stubborn scents), flecked with finely ground coffee for robust scrub. Scented* with anise essential oil, also know for deodorizing properties, and grapefruit, for a touch of grease cutting citrus. Avocado, castor, and other emollient base oils contribute moisturizing properties - so necessary with all the extra hand washing.

With all due respect to healthcare workers and others on the front lines, we're all essential. How we choose to spend this time makes all the difference. 

#stayhome #flattenthecurve #washyourdamnhands #createsomethingwonderful

Ingredients (Vegan):
Made with glee, plus saponified coconut, sustainable organic palm, rice bran, olive, avocado and castor oils. Coffee (made w/distilled water), lye + powdered sugar. Thoughtfully combined with pure essential oils of pink grapefruit and star anise. With activated charcoal, titanium white powders and finely ground coffee.

Full bar net weight: 4 oz./113 g.

Product Care
To extend longevity, keep your soap in a well-draining soap dish away from shower spray. Better yet, use an ecologically-friendly soap lift or soap net to more completely dry your bar between uses. 

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*(While coffee is used in this bar, the soap itself doesn't smell of coffee.)

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