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You're facing some perplexing situation, tossing and turning 'til daybreak.

Bat the alarm into silence. Groggily, stepping into the shower, still mulling options, when you pick up a bar of - not just soap - but Aroma Art.

Redemption! The difference is immediate, noteworthy: a refreshing scent of pure essential oils tickles your olfactory nerves, the texture of premium natural base oils literally bathes you in luxury, the design a reminder that you're worthy of beauty, the name makes you grin - that's the power of a subtle, soapy mantra returning you to the present, clearing mental space for your answers, ergo allowing you to start the day right

Is this TOO MUCH TO ASK from a bar of soap? Perhaps...from a bar of just any old soap.

But from Aroma Art? Well, friend, why not see for yourself?