Prototypes: Mini Bundles!
Prototypes: Mini Bundles!

Prototypes: Mini Bundles!

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MAKERS "MAKE"...and often RE-make original designs several times to find just the right base formulation/scent/texture and/or color combos before launching a new product.

Lucky YOU: I'm releasing 4.5 oz-pack mixes of these mini-prototype/sample soap sets - a great way to try out a smorgasbord of luxury at a fun price! Excellent for weekend guests, travel, party or wedding gift bag favors, or simply the eye-catching soap dish centerpiece by your kitchen or powder room sink. 

Your mix will include a mostly vegan combo of: a premium oil moisturizing floral blend, 3-oil lemongrass cedar bar, gem-like glycerin baubles, colorful, unscented + scented varieties, and/or others, packaged up in a cheerful organza bag.

Looking for Full-Bar, Prototype 4-packs? Click here!

Local? Buy online, select "studio pick-up" and pick out your set when you come by 
(NOTE: These are pre-grouped for sanity purposes, but there's a variety of sets to choose from)

Weight: Approximately 4.5 oz, total

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