Shipping Explained!

Your products' arrival is part of the art. Beautiful presentation, like beautiful products, requires thought, time and care. Unboxing your treats should be part of a great purchase experience. My shipping methods have developed for precisely these reasons: to arrive quickly at a reasonable cost while protecting the integrity of your purchase.

Therefore, I'll expedite your purchase with flat rate USPS shipping within 24 - 48 hours of receiving your order. You'll then receive your wonderfully fragrant, gorgeously packaged Aroma Art products (and perhaps another little treat? Hmmm!) within one to three days. 

What are rates based on?

Small Priority boxWeight, mostly.

A small padded envelope ($4.00) generally fits 1 - 2 solid lotion tins (or one soap bar or soap gear item such as a Soap Lift or Soap Net). 

A small box ($6.00) fits most small gift bundles such as Artisan Soap + Lift Gift Bundles, Fancy Soap Minis, Aroma Art Heart + Mini Curl sets, and the like. It will also fit up to 3 - 4 bars of my artisan soap, depending on bar size.

A medium box ($11.00) fits up to six bars of soap or similar soap/other product combination.

A Gift Box ($14.50) fits - well - all of my 4 - 5 product gift boxes such as a Deluxe Aroma Art Soap, Curls + Gear set or some combination of individual products that don't fit into a medium box.

The Quarterly Subscription: Box of Joy! has an upfront, flat shipping rate of $34.00 (for 4 deliveries throughout the year). These products are delivered via USPS Small Priority Box. 

These options cover most purchases through my shop - if you have an order that doesn't fit any of these categories, we'll adjust shipping rates accordingly.

LOCAL Customers: You have the option of ordering through this site and picking up your order at my South Boulder studio, thus avoiding shipping costs. Please select "local pick-up" under shipping and we'll arrange a time/date.

Rest assured, my little tree-hugger friends, I use compostable/recycled/re-purposed packing materials whenever possible and keep the packing peanuts to a minimum (but if I do use them, they’re re-purposed too!).

Peace out, friends!