Aroma Art + Net Eco-Scrub Sets
Aroma Art + Net Eco-Scrub Sets
Aroma Art + Net Eco-Scrub Sets

Aroma Art + Net Eco-Scrub Sets

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Pair an artisan bar* of CowBOSS Boots Beer SoapWe Can Do It!, or Sedimentary (My Dear Watson) Soap with a Soap Net - the perfect pairing for the gym, #vanlife, camping trips as well a luxurious bubbly experience at home. Friction from the Soap Net adds yet more foamy goodness with gentle scrub, with the convenience of suspending your bar after bathing, allowing it to dry completely between uses for soap longevity.

Add to that an AFFIRMATIVE Solid lotion sample for another little treat. Because we're not savages. 

The Eco-friendly packaging is composed of recycled corrugated cardboard, with your products nestled in recycled shred and topped with a glue-free lid. Why? The adhesives used on the corners of typical all-plastic window boxes are toxic. Glue-free is good. All tied together (literally) with planet-friendly, two-toned gift twine. 

*Want a set with a different artisan soap bar? Contact me and we'll put together a set with your preference!

Gift Set Net Weight:

Eco-Scrub set: 7.25 oz/205 g

Gift Set Dimensions: 7.5" x 3.5" x 2"

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